The main areas of assistance we offer are following:

  • corporate/ company law, creation and “all-inclusive” administration of the joint stock companies, LLCs, partnerships etc. 

  • commercial law, commercial contract  

  • labor law including collective bargaining 

  • construction law, zoning and construction permits

  • financial instruments – bills of exchange, promissory notes etc. 

  • securities, including IPO’s 

  • intellectual property law including protection of commercial secrets, patents, trade marks, copyright, design, license etc. 

  • competition law, price fixing, free trade limiting contracts, abuse of dominant position, concentration, reporting to the Antimonopoly office

  • unfair trade practices  

  • real estate law, green and brown field investments, expropriation 

  • environmental law and consequences of pollution 

  • commercial litigation including representation at Supreme Court and Constitutional Court 

  • commercial arbitration in Slovakia and abroad 

  • bankruptcy and restructuring/ composition proceedings, assistance to collect receivables, acquisition of the property of the debtor

  • state aid  

  • WTO issues (antidumping, safeguards, countervailing)

  • legal due diligence

  • advisory services to the members of Board of Directors members and Board of Supervisors, Executive directors and CEO’s 

  • legislation of the self governing bodies - municipalities, self governing regions  

  • white collar crime, enforcement of the damages


Together with our partners we also provide assistance in areas of taxes and tax litigation. 

Our team

JUDr. Rastislav Masnyk, MBA

commercial law, company law, real estate

JUDr. Helena Garamszegiova

commercial law, civil law, family law

JUDr. Tomáš Zaleta

commercial law, real estate law, labor law

JUDr. Zuzana Gimerová

commercial law, company law, labor law

JUDr. Ivana Vaculčiaková

commercial law, company law, labor law

Ing. Mgr. Mária Rychvalská

civil law, family law, real estate law

About us

Dear visitor,


The main goal of our firm is to provide comprehensive legal service to foreign companies establishing their presence in Slovakia, starting up their operations and administering it, after it is “anchored” in the Slovak “soil”.  We are Slovak law firm seated in Košice (metropolis of eastern Slovakia). We have served more than 100 investors active mostly in eastern and central Slovakia and several domestic businesses as well. We specialize in areas of commercial and civil law, company law, real estate, competition law and labor law.  


The Slovak legal order has undergone profound changes since the beginning of the 1990’s. The socialist legal order was superseded by several “layers” of the transitory legal regulations. Later those transitory regulations were replaced by legislation resembling legal order of the Western Europe.  


We have spent those years of profound legal changes serving foreign investors establishing their presence in Slovakia and, thereafter, doing business in Slovakia and assisting large and medium size Slovak companies going through the intricacies of all those changes.   


During our carriers we have developed both- the experience required to serve foreign investors, as well as network of collaborators and partners in Slovakia and abroad. Thus we can offer professional services at local, national and international level. 


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